For Web Designers and Developers

Web designers and developers face a range of challenges in the ever changing market of technology. The innovative MERGE! show presents an opportunity to learn from and connect with internet veterans who can help them stand out online and meet those challenges.

  • Meet the owners of the perfect domain name to take your idea to the next level or to partner on a new project
  • Get to know developers, project managers, UX engineers, or designers to execute on that idea
  • Meet the right people to host that technology and take that business to the next level
  • Announce your product or gain early feedback on pre-launch projects

MERGE! is a curated collection of events spanning the industries that make the web work, such as domains, web hosting, international marketing, and cryptocurrency. MERGE! show 2018 brings together the digital branding experts, developers and web designers who can enable startups to establish a strong online presence, as well as service providers, investors, and potential partners.