For Angels and Venture Capitalists

Investor interest in technology is strong, not just because of the obvious ways to generate revenue from them, but because of the wide range of ways they can be profitable.

The right domain name, team, backing, and strategy โ€“ these all work in harmony for success.   โ€œThe incredible utility of domain namesโ€ is the central theme of MERGE! show, which offers investors a unique opportunity to connect with businesses leveraging that utility to grow online businesses.

For an Investor, timing is often the ‘sweet spot’ – too early = higher risk but higher upside, too late = more stability but smaller return.  How do you find the early stage opportunities without a return rate just shy of putting that important capital into a woodchipper?  Understanding the technologies involved, meeting the people involved, and having a good appreciation for the market and competitive space is a great way to boost your savvy. 

Many of the touchpoints for these opportunities and where they intersect – and how these all inter-operate – is the largest challenge.  MERGE is deisgned to bring different leaders together so that the varying disciplines often connected to successful ventures are all in one place to have holistic discussions.

MERGE! is a group of collocated conferences, bringing together the many separate but interconnected fields of digital domains, branding, technology, and commerce. Opportunities for investment brought together by MERGE! include domain names themselves, cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, digital startups, service providers, and more.