TLD Roundtable / TLD Fest

A gathering of Top Level Domain Names and potential new TLD applicants, registry managers, consultants, registry service providers, DNS infrastructure providers, security experts and major digital brands and legal experts for focused workshops on TLD.


Top Level Domain Names - Operating this key infrastructure of the Internet is different than owning or managing domain names as a registrant.

There are a number of companies seeking to enroll for their dotBrand in the next open round with ICANN, and there are a number of consultants and potential applicants and Registry and Resolution Service Providers gathering to talk before, during and after MERGE events - using the multidisciplinary conference tracks as a vehicle to educate dotBrands, geoDomain operators or potential generic string applicants on the varying areas of digital transformation from a perspective of the potential and experience from existing initiatives.

Note: These events are typically subject to VERY limited attendance.

TLDFest at MERGE 2018