THE Domain Conference

This is THE Premier Domain Name Conference, made by investors, developers and professionals from within the business of Domain Names.  THE Domain Conference creates a welcoming environment for networking, education and lasting connections.

This warm, gracious gathering brings together some of the largest and most well established names in the domain name investment and website professionals.



Started in 2015 by the co-founders of the most successful domain name, search, and organic internet advertising conferences, “T.R.A.F.F.I.C.”, THE Domain Conference was a continuation of the gathering of registries, registrars, professional website developers and domain owners of all ranges.  Among the attendees can be found owners of some of the most premium domain names, amazing domain appraisers, escrow providers, investors, brokers, aftermarket providers, monetization and advertising, and attorneys that specialize in UDRP / Intellectual Property.


Today’s domain market is substantially nourished by a vibrant secondary market, and this is THE conference and gathering of providers and people to learn how to navigate the constantly evolving environment of obtaining, managing, valuing, developing, or selling premium domain names (.com or otherwise).

The 2018 MERGE is hosted the fourth annual “THE Domain Conference” as one of the sub-events of the conference.

If you are involved in digital branding, own a portfolio of domain names, seek to obtain domain names as alternative investment value, or are involved in any way in Internet advertising, traffic management, or the buying and selling of domain names, THE Domain Conference is the event for you.

THE Domain Conference is like a family reunion for longtime attendees where all new comers are welcomed with a warm smile and open arms. Howard, Barbara and Ray Neu do an excellent job of running a seamless show with top domain industry experts in a beautiful sunny location. There are plenty of opportunities for networking in a relaxed atmosphere along with educational panel discussions with the experts.

Andee Hill

…I also will specifically call out the Neu family who ran the domain conference in Florida this year. I cannot express in words how welcome they make you feel. Barbara Neu is one of the most genuinely kind and welcoming people I have ever met, and she will literally bend over backwards to make sure that you feel welcome and are able to meet people during your first conference. If you are on the fence because you are a little worried about the social aspect of the conferences, make your first conference THE Domain Conference in Florida, and you won’t regret it.”

Joe Styler



MERGE 2018 (THE Domain Conference) Schedule

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