MERGE!, in its second year of operation, is a digital asset conference event, gathering a number of different conferences under a single roof, with a common access pass. The event combines multiple disciplines and focus areas together to create networking opportunities and grow business potential through the fusion of ideas and technology.

The conference was co-founded and conceived by Ray Neu and Jothan Frakes.

Ray, with 15 years of conference experience in the domain investment, startup, crowdsourcing, security, and technology innovation realm, brings operational excellence to the event.

Jothan, brings a special flair for connecting ideas and people – evidenced by past successes in founding NamesCon, DomainFest, and 3 other networking / opportunity conferences in the digital space over the past 25 years.

Enough about them …


Affordably priced, the event attracts valuable and interested participation across a number of disciplines. For attendees this is VERY valuable because it expands your knowledge base and expertise.

The festival style show provides an attendee to attend many conferences with just one ticket. The bottom line about MERGE! is this: if you make money online you need to be here.

For Sponsors and Exhibitors the event is ideal – to have a means to meet new and innovative customers and partners that expand the base of opportunity that MERGE brings is almost utopian.

Keynote speakers, panelists, and workshop leaders – grow the reach of your message as you continue to spread the good word about the things you do – the recognition of the reach and the gratitude from the audiences on solid presentations and topics are what it is all about.

Come enjoy a great experience and grow your network at MERGE in September. You will be glad you did.